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Product Review: Skydog Parental Controls

by admin

When I used to work in IT I had the chance to marvel at some state-of-the-art server based monitoring and blocking software for coporations.  I was impressed with the level of control offered and the way the service was constantly updated with classifications relevant to the control of inappropriate content at the office or jobsite.

At the time, family was still in my imagination.  But I thought to myself, “Is there anything like this out there for home use?”  At the time, I was disappointed.

Since then, I have been watching and waiting for a solution to come out that is not PC based.  We have always had multiple computers in our home, from the day we got married.  Those computers have always shared an internet connection through some kind of hub.  But I had never been able to filter internet content upstream of everyone until I finally discovered Skydog.

Image Courtesy of Skydog

Here is the short form of this review: Skydog is nothing less than a must-have for every family which seeks to keep their children from inappropriate and/or dangerous content on any platform from iPads and tablets to PCs to laptops to any other internet-connected device.  It is ridiculously easy to set up, and affords unheard of control to parents over the use of the internet on all devices connected to the network.  FURTHER: it enables you to completely stymie unauthorized connections to your home network unless you SPECIFICALLY approve of them.  This control can even be operated remotely via your smartphone or any internet-connected device, anywhere in the world.  Read the rest of this entry »

Quiet Time: For God’s Benefit or Yours?

by admin

ians Like. Read it. For fun and profit.

Jon Acuff will likely never notice this linkage, but his most recent discussion about what pleases God and what doesn’t spurred me to add a thought.

I used to set my timer on my iPhone to 30 minutes, sit down and then try to get my quiet time on. If for whatever reason I could only grab 15 minutes that day, I felt like God was 50% less happy with me. If I missed an entire day, I imagined he was picking out the right lightning bolt to get me with like a golfer picking a club.

My formula was:
“10 minutes of prayer + 10 minutes of writing + 10 minutes of Bible reading = Happy God.”

Trying not to judge him for his trendy use of an iPhone (I still believe that using anything produced by Apple but an iPod constitutes at a minimum being “of the world” if not idolatrous – go ahead, Apple zealots, crucify me for my beliefs!)  He really has illustrated a case-in-point of the all-too-common religiosity of Christians.  Religion Jesus came to destroy.  We can’t satisfy God with anything we do.  We must communicate clearly that there is nothing we can do to please God.  God saves us by grace, a free gift that can’t be earned in any sense.

But what about verses that call Jesus’ followers to obedience?  Sure, I’ll give you that, but I’ll need some help finding the verse that says, “Christ followers shall have a ‘quiet time’ with the Lord every day.”  Interestingly, I didn’t see Jesus have a “quiet time” with the Father every day.

Lest I be chastised for doubletalk (this blog isn’t that big yet, and only a few posts down you will find a couple on my efforts to create a daily office for myself), what I wanted to say was this: quiet time with God is not for His benefit.  He does not love us more or less if we have it, how often we have it, or what we do with it.  It is for ours.  We grow closer to Him.  Our souls become a better reflection of His.  We become more closely conformed to His image.  It is for our own personal holiness and sanctification that we do well with quiet time.

Never think that God is happier with you or you are more blessed because of anything you do.  But recognize that you do profit by seeking first His Kingdom.

Finding the Time for Prayer

by admin

In my previous post, I talked about how I was inspired by the monastic pattern of daily life to pursue a new pattern of prayer and devotional time in my own life.  I managed to find the space in between my work, my care for my family, and my ministry to spend over 2 hours a day in prayer, devotions, and meditation on God’s Word.  Here’s how.

I was always overwhelmed by other “more spiritual” people than I who pray for an hour, two hours a day.  I didn’t know how they did it.  Watch for my next post on how I found the time.  Then I took a spreadsheet, broke my day down into 15 minute segments, and began to slot in what I wanted to do, in terms of devotions.  It quickly became clear that I had so much time in the day… so much wasted time every day.  I was just squandering my time on things like meaningless TV watching, aimless internet surfing, or useless Facebook games.  My kids, not realizing what they have, come to me and tell me they are bored – I find myself not admitting I am bored – instead just tuning out the world and engaging in completely wasteful activities, that too often actually led me into temptation of more sins.  What does that old saying mean, “Idle hands are the Devil’s playthings”?  I think I figured it out.

When I actually began to create real structure in my day I found I had so much more time than I had thought.  I encourage anyone to sit down for a minute and take an inventory of how you spend your average day.  Or as you go one day, keep a sheet of paper and write down roughly how much time you spend on everything you do.  Try to account for every minute, or at least every 15 minutes.  You will be astounded how much time you have.

The secret to having more hours in the day is knowing where your time goes and being able to stick to a schedule.  Good luck: I used to think it was impossible too but I know it’s possible now.

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