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2 Beefs with Valentine’s Day and Children

by admin

I am not the greatest father.  Or the most diligent blogger.  Truth is, I am not quite as delinquent at updating this blog as you might think – I have about 5 drafts sitting unpublished in the background.  But it’s harder sometimes that you might think to get something out on paper (or on screen) that constitutes something to say, something that is worth talking about.

With Valentine’s Day upon us, fathers often get wrapped up in trying to express their feelings for their wives, the mother of their children.  My wife apparently got her gift early, in the form of jealous co-workers when she told them that I always say I dislike Valentine’s Day because it’s a cop-out for people to trim romance back to one day a year instead of celebrating their love for their significant other all year long.  No woman would care about Valentine’s Day if she was getting regular flowers, chocolates, back massages and daily passionate kisses. (Not that I achieve such lofty goals, but it’s the thought that counts… right?)

You give what in my name?

You give what in my name?

But all that is aside from the point I wanted to talk about today.  I want to talk about Valentine’s Day for children.  Because a long time ago it was decided that children need to celebrate this day too.  Early indoctrination to one of the foremost Hallmark holidays of the year?  I don’t know.  What I do know is at least as long as I have been alive, schools have encouraged and supported the idea of kids bringing Valentine’s Day cards to school and distributing them. Kids as young as 5.  I never went to preschool so maybe preschoolers do it too… but I know even as a very young child I would make out little cards with each student’s name on them, and hand them out at school on or about Valentine’s Day.

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