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9 Fantasy Films My Kids Need To See

by admin
Where imagination began!

Look at that friggin dragon! Isn’t it awesome?

I have been a nut for stories of swords and sorcery since I was oh, about 8 or 9 and a friend of mind introduced me to the boardgame, “Dungeon!” which quickly transitioned (much like a gateway drug leads to greater flights of fancy… I mean greater highs and addictions) into Dungeons & Dragons.  We’re talking the first edition with Larry Elmore’s magnificent red dragon on the front – the one after the REAL first edition that had such crappy artwork it looked like it was drawn by one of my schoolmates.

It was a beautiful time, the 80’s and 90’s.  Special effects had taken a quantum leap with Star Wars, and things were beginning to evolve with computer effects.  But script and acting were still king, and some really fun movies came out back then.  Some of them I have shown to my kids, some we haven’t gotten to yet.  But here are my top 9 (I couldn’t find a 10th, sorry) Fantasy films my kids MUST see, if not appreciate. (Note, I didn’t include sci-fi in this list, that is a whole nother ball of wax.)

1. The Princess Bride (1987)

"I am not left-handed!"

“I am not left-handed!”

There was never a more perfect mix of fantasy, action, parody, spot on script, self-awareness, quotability, memorability, and classic storytelling than this film.  I cannot imagine parenting without being able to share giggles with my kids by referencing the dozens of moments this story provides, let alone the great messages it conveys.  And yes, I mean messages – there are tons of lessons in this film that don’t get preachy, but nonetheless are important.  This can’t not be #1. Read the rest of this entry »

My View on Fatherhood Part 3: Father of 6

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Here’s more on the unique perspective you will get here at Fathering From Home.  Not only am I a stay-at-home Dad and a father of exclusively boys, but I am the father of 6.

And we took them all to Disney... once.

And we took them all to Disney… once.

Honestly, in North America in 2013, being the father of 6 is practically a scarlet letter.  To the granola crowd I am personally contributing to the overpopulation of the earth.   To the childless-by-choice crowd (which seems to be growing all the time) I am a breeder, lacking the self-control or intelligence to limit my brood to a size that enables me to be self-actualized through 80 hour work weeks or through gobs of travel and expensive experiences.  To those who actually choose to have kids I am clinically insane, because “I can barely handle my 1 (or 2 at the most)”.  I get stared at when I take them all out – shopping or otherwise.  My family’s chariot, a 2005 Chevy Express 15 passenger van got labelled an “Indian van” while we were in Surrey (not by us – sadly there is racism in Canada too), because only the Punjabi population, where extended families all live together and work together use them.  Then we moved to Southern Alberta, where our van was relabelled the “Hutterite Van” because only the communally farming Hutterites used them for personal transport in this area.  To think of such a vehicle as a “family van” is beyond the imaginings of most people in this day and age.

How did we wind up with 6 kids?  By the way, when we had our fourth, the “Are you trying to be the Duggars” comments started, so you can imagine the comments and backhanded compliments we get now.  Firstly, no, we are not Mormon or Catholic.  And no, we don’t have religious reasons for having so many kids… unless you consider it a religious reason that we would NEVER EVER consider an abortion for an unplanned pregnancy.

We love our kids.  From the moment we discovered we were pregnant with each one (or two) we have celebrated.  I LOVE infants.  I LOVE my wife when she is pregnant – she is beautiful and incredibly hot when she is in full bloom.  I don’t know what it is – maybe part of it is how secure it makes me feel in her heart that she is bearing another child for me.  Maybe it is the shot of testosterone that my virility is once more proven.  I don’t know.  But I love everyone’s infants too.  Holding infants is one of the most peaceful experiences in life, and I am glad I have gotten to do it as much as I have.

We never set out to have 6.  In fact, after we got married and began discussing seriously how many kids we would have, she wanted 2 and I wanted 3.  We never thought that we would add them together (and throw in a pair of twins)! Read the rest of this entry »

My View on Fatherhood Part 2: Father of Boys

by admin

My view on fatherhood is complex.  All these different labels and situations come together like those lenses in an optometrist’s office, creating a unique focal point and outlook on the issues going on that face Dads.  In part 1 I talked about the reality of me being a stay-at-home Dad, and why I am completely cool with it despite the many voices out there calling me lazy, calling me a shirker of my responsibilities, calling me a failure for not “bringing home the bacon”.  Now, let me explain some things I hinted at, and why they figure into the picture.

2.  Parenting Boys

Stormtrooper Dad Lego SonI am the father of many boys.  I am also the father of ZERO girls.  This creates a number of unique dynamics and challenges.

On the one hand, I don’t have to worry about dramatics to the same level as many of my friends who have daughters.  This might sound sexist, but it’s the honest truth.  A few of my boys get dramatic, but the tears rarely flow for more than a second or two.

On the plus side, action movies, pirates, Star Wars, and all my favourite things I get to continue to love because I get to introduce the boys to them one by one.  And that is awesome.

On the downside, I really wanted a princess.  Mainly because after a certain point, boys stop cuddling their old man.  That point is different for every family, but I do know that little girls NEVER stop cuddling their Dad.  So I’ll miss that.

The challenge to parenting all boys though is the sheer amount of physical activity that is needed to be engaged to keep them all healthy (and keep me sane).  The noise levels for general play are quite high and my tolerance for that has gone up over time.  However, there are always those days when you have an illness or headache or something and you just… can’t … take… it… and for those days there are video games.

Being the father of boys means that I can focus on certain issues.  I can focus on teaching them what it means to be a man, to grow into manhood, and to engage properly in those things that men engage in.  Thankfully, there are lots of great ideas around the internets.  One that I have been very impressed with is the website/media empire, The Art of Manliness.  He makes Youtubevideos and blogs regularly on aspects of manliness that man, I wish I had been taught!  Just a wealth of information and I appreciate it.

But that means you won’t see a lot of advice on raising girls on here.  Sorry.  You came to the wrong Daddy Blog.

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