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Hey there.

Glad you’re here!  I’ve actually been blogging for a long time, off and on, but most of my archives are presently offline while I figure out what to do with them.  But you didn’t come here for that.  I also vlog on Youtube: my video content overlaps about 1/3 of the time with my blogging, so subscribe to both!

This blog started when I was in a different place: I was pastoring a brand new church plant and ridiculously busy.  Since that time I have stepped back from leading the church (though I still serve as a leader there) and am primarily focused on raising my sons.

In short, I am a stay-at-home Dad.

My passion is for people to think about themselves and who they are and what they have been called to do.  I am doing the same thing, and it’s a challenge.  But what I am learning I want to pass on, so I write stuff on this blog.

Sometimes it is about culture – I am fascinated by culture and its influence on our lives.

Sometimes it’s about tech – I am a bit of a techie.

  • I have a strong aversion to anything Apple, though my wife has a Macbook Pro for her media – she is TheMomof6Boys;
  • I run Windows 8 PCs (a desktop and a Lenovo Thinkpad)
  • I own an HTC One smartphone, which I use as my primary vlogging camera (along with a Joby tripod!)

Often, I write about parenting, fathering, and raising my 6 boys.  This stuff ain’t easy, and processing in writing, on video, helps me and may well help you think about your calling as a parent.

And sometimes it’s spiritually related – sometimes they might even be mini-sermons.  If that isn’t your bag, use the categories on the right to navigate to what interests you.

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