Loving Your Blessings, Ignoring the Blesser

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“Do you love this God who is everything, or do you just love everything He gives you?” – Francis Chan, Crazy Love (2008)

As I was reading the above lines, I was struck by the two levels this idea speaks to.  To the Christian, we easily take for granted the relationship God wants with us.  Like children, we often sink into a place where we love being blessed by God, we love the miracles of God, but we grow cold to God Himself.  Children love getting stuff, love food, love their rooms, love their games. But when the gravy train ends, how easily do they turn on us, saying things like “I hate you!”Tech Toys

But what struck me the most is this is really the human condition.  God rains down gifts and blessing on those who are far from Him and those who love Him alike.  And those who are far from Him think, “I don’t need God – look at all I have!”  Those same people who see no need for God because of their wealth look at the poor of this world, the homeless, the people living in squalor in the 3rd World.  They look at these people who appear abandoned by God and they say, “There is no God, because if God is love He would never let people live that way.”  Somehow in their minds they manage to ignore the God who gives to them in abundance and then blame that same God for withholding blessing from others.

Aside from the unreasonableness of such ideas, I have a response to both.  If you don’t need God because of your blessings, then don’t be mad at God for taking them away.  You never gave thanks in the first place to the one who gave them to you.  And they will be taken away one day.  Nothing lasts beyond this life but your soul.

As for the poor of this world, God never made them poor.  Evil men and women made them poor.  The decisions human beings account for something like 90% of the poor in the world.  Exploitation is the biggest threat to humankind, not earthquakes, not tsunamis, not “Acts of God”.  A few misguided people point to natural disasters as God’s wrath poured out.  I don’t see them that way.  I see them as opportunities God gives us to love Him by loving each other.  These are our chances.  These are our turns to be God’s hands and feet, loving people and meeting their needs, serving selflessly.  Being like Jesus – there is no other time in life that it is so obvious what people’s needs are, how can we pass them up?

But to the question. Poor girl

Could God rescue all the poor of this world?


Why doesn’t He?

He is.

What do you mean?

He sent YOU.

I say this with an absolutely straight face to every person I have know that takes issue with God’s heartlessness for allowing suffering.  He has given YOU eyes to see the poor of this world, that is why YOU are mad at Him.  The problem isn’t God.  It is YOU for not recognizing what God is asking of you.

If every atheist who complains that God doesn’t exist because He ignores the poor actually answered the call of God to the poor, we wouldn’t have them.  Atheists or poor.  The problem isn’t with God.  He has given us everything we need for heaven on earth.  The problem is us, selfishly holding back from truly answering His call to the least of these.

I’ll close with one more quote from Francis Chan’s book.

“Imagine how awful it would feel to have your child say to you, ‘I don’t really want you or your love, but I would like my allowance please.'”

90% of humanity says that to God every day.  We all want His blessings and begrudge Him for not giving them.  But we don’t want to know Him.  Because if we did, we might actually begin to care for someone more than ourselves.  Better to stay bitter and ungrateful, keeping the fiction alive that we know better than God the way to our own happiness.

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