Looking for a Good Prayer App

by admin

There is a buzzphrase that has been shuffling around the internets since the advent of the iPhone – “There’s an app for that.”  And with half a million apps out there, it’s mostly true.

But not when it comes to prayer.  There are some online, but not as many options for apps.

I have been looking for a good prayer manager app since I got a smartphone – my old Motorola Milestone – now almost 3 years.  I’ve graduated to a Samsung Galaxy S2 (and loving it). Haven’t found one yet.

Oh sure, there are tons of Islamic prayer times apps.  There are even a few prayer apps that allow you to mark them down, and check them off as they are answered. But not the robust tools that I can envision off the top of my head.

Because confession time: I suck at remembering to pray.  I work at it all the time but I’d love to have some help.

If you’re an app dev, here’s my wish list:

  1. checkbox “todo” lists for prayers, a way to mark them “done” or “not done” (answered or unanswered)
  2. multiple lists for different purposes – church prayers, small group prayers, ministry prayers, prayers for community/government – not static categories, but customizable as I am sure everyone would group them differently
  3. the ability to schedule prayer times or days for each list and have them sent to you or have the app automatically open to the scheduled list
  4. the reminders to pray keep coming until the item is marked “answered”
  5. the ability to share prayer requests with other users or even email requests to people who don’t use the app, with an incorporated link to let the download the app
  6. (getting really crazy now) the ability to create a shared prayer list for ministry teams or small groups that is updatable by anyone in the list

Who’s up for the challenge?  Any app developers want to make some money off Christians?  I’d pay at least a couple bucks for this if it had all these features.  Make sure you make an iOS and Android version please.

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