Life on Hold

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“… Please wait while your call is connected… “

Life just got placed on hold. Was gearing up for my first message in 2 weeks and then an odd thing happens. Our second oldest, Lyndan starts having this funny thing happen to his eye. Then he starts getting really dizzy.

We take him into emergency and 4 hours +  an MRI later,  and we are told he has a brain tumour. 8 hours later it still seems like it’s all made up.

We still know little.  We don’t know if it is operable or not. We don’t know if it is cancerous or not. We only know we are driving to Calgary this morning to get him admitted to Alberta Children’s Hospital. We do know two things though.

1. A lot of people are praying for us right now.  Like a lot. And that is comforting. I pray that God uses this nasty thing to reawaken some people’s faith and draws people closer to Him even as they think about us.

2.  God is getting our attention. I hate that it takes awful circumstances to do that, but it is this kind of time that brings into sharp focus what we really believe. And I know with certainty that God is with us. “draw close to Him and He will draw close to you, ” James wrote. We need Him more than ever.

God has brought me to my knees twice in my life. The first time was when Lyndan was 3 and he went into shock from what we think was either an intususseption (?)  or a temporarily blocked intestine from a swallowed dime. It doesn’t matter what it was – when you come home from work to see an ambulance on your lawn and your 3 year old being wheeled out on a gurney,  you get on your knees. And God performed a miracle that day. By the time Lyndan reached the hospital,  they could find no sign of whatever it was that the paramedics were certain he was in serious condition with.

The second time was last night.

I am wondering if we shouldn’t have named Lyndan more Biblically. I think his name would have been “getting my attention”. Because God certainly has used him for that.

Now,  God, how about another miracle?

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  1. Gene says:

    LORD, have mercy.

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