Lenten Challenge: Give a Flock!

by admin

I have made a decision! I am going to give up salty junk food for Lent, with the goal of putting aside the $4 a day I might have spent. I have never challenged myself for Lent before, and was spurred on by something from a local pastor and friend of mine, Gene Packwood.  He posted this video to his Facebook:

So the plan is to give something up to remind myself of dependence on God and make a small sacrifice to my comfort to remember the greatest sacrifice ever made, that I benefit from every day. I am specifically choosing to give up something that costs money so that I can then give what I would have spent on myself to those who need it more. I figure I spend around $2-4 on salty junk food a day (actually if I was honest it’s probably usually less on average but I’ll go with it) so I am setting aside $4 per day for the 40 days of Lent.

A Sheep for World Vision

Don't you just want to hug a sheep?

That gives me $160 – and to buy a sheep for a World Vision child is $150! So that’s my goal – to buy a sheep in honour of the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world on Easter Sunday.

I want to invite my friends along on this Lenten challenge – leave behind a daily treat for 40 days and buy a sheep with me to benefit World Vision children. Together we can give a flock of sheep! What do you say? Let’s give a flock together!

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