The Heartbreak of Moving On

by admin

I just wanted to share an excellent blog post about moving on.  I actually struggled with how to share this because so many good things are happening, I don’t want to dwell on those difficult moments that have been mixed in.  Our church plant is growing and people are getting baptized and maturing in their faith and it is great, but even in the short time we have been together there have already been people and families who have begun entering into community and then decided that what we are doing and the direction of ministry with us was not where they were ready for.  Some have emailed a goodbye note, some have simply disappeared.  The awkwardness and struggle of Debra I deeply relate to.

I pretty much agree with everything she said.  People move on, nothing is permanent in this life.  But if you are ever that person who is moving on, please share it in person, with honesty and transparency with those who care for you – for your sake and for theirs.  It is never easy, but it does bring closure that blesses God’s heart and leaves less scars.

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