Isn’t It Ironic? (Getting Political for a second here)

by admin

I am amazed on this cold winter day, when it is snowing even in Vancouver, how everything seems backwards.

I have been reading people who are staunch global warming alarmists complaining bitterly about the snow and how hard it is to manage without a 4×4 truck in the snow. Yet, those same people are adamantly against “gas-guzzling trucks”. It hasn’t occurred to them that if globarl warming is really happening, then they should stop fighting it and encourage it so they don’t need a 4×4 to get around in the winter.

Not that I think we should be encouraging global warming (if it is in fact occurring the way some describe). My feeling is this: far too many people protest against things that may be inappropriate in their local area, but are desperately needed by people in other areas. Yet, for some reason, they feel that their rules should be imposed on everyone.

Take, for example, the thankfully killed gun registry. It was a ridiculous burden to impose on hundreds of thousands if not millions of Canadians who live in or close enough to the wilderness that having a gun is actually a useful and necessary thing, all because criminals in big cities use guns to commit crimes. Never mind that criminals who commit crimes have no compunction about not registering a gun… or for that matter stealing one from a law-abiding, registered citizen. It did nothing to protect citizens, but penalized people for not living in big cities.

But the other irony is connected to the PIPA/SOPA bills in the USA. There is so much buzz about them everywhere this morning, but I wonder if half the people shouting “stop SOPA” even really understand the issues and the bills that are being discussed.

Again, not that I disagree with the sentiment. From what I have seen, the protestors could well be right about the bills and their danger. But what strikes me as funny is the people I know who are shouting the loudest about the hideousness of politicians, knowing nothing about the real issues, attempting to pass law based on the manipulations of lobbyists and the bribery of “big, evil corporations” are the same people who support massive government intervention into every other aspect of our lives. These are the same people who want government to pay for everything from the cradle to the grave, to feed, clothe, house, employ everyone, to protect everyone from themselves and their choices through all kinds of deeply invasive, smothering laws, regulations and taxes.  Do you not think that it is folly to entrust all these other aspects of our lives to these same politicians?  How can they be benevolent, wonderful, caring people who just want to care for us one second and monstrous, evil, money-grabbing megalomaniacs, stealing the internets from the world the next?

I am sorry, but you have just lost all credibility in my eyes, as you suddenly change your stripes so you can continue to download torrented movies, music and software, stealing money and employment from people who otherwise would be better off and more able to support themselves instead of relying on government handouts. I wonder how much these things would cost if people weren’t stealing them left right and centre, because “intellectual property” apparently only applies when you have created something, not when a studio produces a film or music album with millions of dollars of equipment and tens of millions of dollars in paying salaries to those who work to produce it.

It amazes me about these inconsistencies in people’s politics and ethics. I try to keep things simple. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Take responsibility for yourself and your world, and the consequences of your choices. If people actually lived by this then we wouldn’t need SOPA bills. If people lived like this we wouldn’t need gun registries. If people lived like this they wouldn’t live an hour away from their place of work and have to drive through snow and ice and freeways, throwing all kinds of pollutants into the air and endangering each other with traffic and road rage.

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