A Salt Collector or a Salt Distributor?

by admin

On this stormy morning in Medicine Hat, I am reading Missional Renaissance: Changing the Scorecard for the Church
by Reggie McNeal.  Getting a lot of thinking capital out of this book.

He describes a modern perspective of life as having “silos” for work, politics, health, etc.  In this model, “church” is one of the silos.  It is one amongst many compartments to life.  In this concept, silos draw human capital.  If you work in one, then it draws you out of another.  It means if you “get” people into your church, you are effectively becoming a salt collector.  However, missional life, the idea that you are on mission for God and are a part of His team, means that you are sent into other silos.  A missional church does not steal you away from the places you are called to be salt in – in fact it enables you to be salt and encourages you in your efforts to grow in your ability to “flavour” the environment in which you are living.

Food for thought.  I am going to have to go over the entire book and re-read all my highlighted bits afterwards.

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